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Smoking tobacco cigarettes is a truly poor decision, and fewer people are making that bad choice these days. However, lots of people are still addicted to smoking tobacco cigarettes because of poor decisions made in the past. Smoking tobacco cigarettes is not just a nasty habit, it is an unhealthy one too. After all, smoking tobacco cigarettes results in much higher rates of cancer of all kinds. These are not the only ill health effects that result from smoking tobacco cigarettes. Increased chances of contracting all sorts of diseases, decreased lung capacity, and discoloration of the nails and teeth. All of these negative health effects have been proven by scientific studies.

With so many people realizing the bad effects of smoking tobacco cigarettes, it was inevitable that more people would begin quitting tobacco cigarettes. The problem is not that no one wants to quit, but that very few know how to do so. Quitting smoking is not easy, after all, it means working against a chemical and physical addiction that has usually been nursed for years, sometimes decades. Working against your own learned habits like this often requires help—and right now the best help that can be sought out is electronic cigarettes.

International Vapor Group is an example of the type of company that has thrived by offering electronic cigarettes and their accessories. International Vapor Group helps smokers to transition from tobacco cigarettes to vapor-utilizing electronic cigarettes. International Vapor Group is known for providing high quality products and accessories that actually meet the needs of clients, instead of just trying to get as much money out of them as possible.

International Vapor Group is a leading manufacturer, distributor, and marketer of electronic cigarette products across the industry. Amongst the products that International Vapor Group controls are some of the most popular brands in the industry, like EverSmoke and South Beach Smoke .

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